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Smooth-On Epoxies  

Smooth-On "Military Grade" Epoxy Adhesives

Smooth-on has been manufacturing adhesives since 1895. They continue to be the choice of all branches of the U.S. Military, every major airline and auto manufacturer in the world, and many other major industrial manufacturing and repair operations. Our most popular are: 

Metalset A4 is a powerful epoxy adhesive that has become the standard for all branches of the U.S. Military as well as with every major airline and auto manufacturer in the world. It has been used for diverse purposes from repairing bullet holes in helicopters on the battlefields of Viet Nam to patching leaks in car gas tanks. A4 is used for hundreds of industrial bonding applications and offers excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces. It can be applied to vertical surfaces without sagging and cures overnight with negligible shrinkage. Once cured, A4 offers good machining qualities (sanding, drilling, tapping) and resists alkalies, dilute acids and solvents. Applications include stopping leaks in pipes, valves and tanks and repairing other metal surfaces. A4 can bond dissimilar surfaces, anchor bolts in wood and concrete, and be used as a filler to repair joints and dents.

Metalset A4 Applications 
Make jigs and fixtures.
Stop leaks in pipes, tanks, fittings and valves.
Aerodynamic smoothing compound.
Alter or repair foundry patterns.
Repair flaws in metal castings.
Repair corroded hull and deck areas.
Set abrasion-resistant tile in conveyors and pulverizing equipment.
Fillet sheet metal joints, fill dents and cover countersunk rivet holes.
Use as an auto or truck body solder.
Anchor bolts in wood, concrete or plaster.
Use as shim material between uneven surfaces.

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MT-13  is our premium epoxy adhesive for applications calling for extreme holding power and water resistance. The toughness of this adhesive was demonstrated recently to engineers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory during construction of an ion collider. MT-13 successfully withstood temperatures as low as four degrees Kelvin, just degrees above Absolute Zero (-459 F / -237.6 C), and was the singular material suitable for the job. NASA has also used MT-13 for a variety of applications. MT-13 bonds porous and non-porous surfaces and provides optimum adhesion in a wide-range of industrial applications, developing handling strength in 16 hours.

MT-13 Applications
Bond screen to frame for screen printing.
Secure and insulate antenna mast to mounting fixture.
Fabricate silverware.
Fasten traffic m
arkers or outdoor signs
Bond metal to fiberglass.
Assemble ceramic and glass decorative ware.

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EA-40 clear epoxy adhesive can be readily spread into thin films that are almost transparent after curing. It has become a standard material for most bowmakers who use EA-40 to laminate their bows. Many other industrial applications are possible as well, particularly where an inconspicuous glue line is desired. EA-40 cures sufficiently in 24 hours to provide good mechanical and electrical properties. In addition to use in bonding and encapsulating electrical components, EA-40 is used in the assembly of glass, ceramics and hard plastics, and can also be used as a non-shrinking wood glue with excellent gap-filling capabilities.

EA-40 Applications
Jewelry for manufacturing and stone setting.
Inconspicuous glue line for assembly of ceramics, glass, hard plastics and rigid foam parts.
Bonding and insulating electrical components.
The industry standard for bow makers.


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Super Instant Epoxy is the choice when a rapid bonding of two surfaces is required. This clear epoxy cures quickly enough to permit handling in 5 – 10 minutes at room temperature. Super Instant adheres to virtually any surface and is used in a variety of applications where a quick bond is desired. Companies such as Hughes Aircraft have found Super Instant helpful as a "temporary tack" material to hold parts together while stronger structural epoxies (Metalset A4) set up. It can be used on metal, wood, glass, masonry and plastic surfaces. 

Super Instant Applications
Fasten metal fixtures or signs to masonry.
Assemble or repair jewelry or plaques.
Automotive repairs and maintenance.
Non conductive bonding of electrical or electronic parts.
Tacking for large-scale bonding with higher-strength, slower-setting epoxy adhesives.

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PC-3 epoxy cement is the industry standard for the installation of laboratory tops.  PC-3 is a two-part black adhesive that is heavily filled and designed to join, bond and caulk sections of lab tops and counters.

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